Seeing is Believing

Shot List & Notes

Theme: Epic but a balance between seriousness and playfulness. Sense of family, fun but also that they mean business.


  • Casual stance, sitting beside ring, on the steps etc
  • One or two interviews at a time.
  • Ask each of the all questions.
  • Ask Danny about the Dojo more, what it’s like to train the guys.
  • Rule of thirds.
  • 1st cam: straight on, eyeline to the left.
  • 2nd cam: Side view.
  • Make sure they repeat the question in their answer so viewers know context.


  • Side of face, close up. Side of screen.
  • Looking straight into camera.
  • Looking down at the camera.
  • Lots of casual shots, where they aren’t aware of filming.
  • Can play these then freeze-frame, possible motion type.
  • Close ups of training, facial expressions etc laughing, concentrating.
  • Do this for all five guys.

General Shots

  • Wide shot of empty gym, and ring.
  • Punching bags, gym equipment.
  • Sparring, sweat etc show its tough.
  • Small details, wrapping up hands, lacing boots. Holding rope of the ring etc
  • Punching into camera, as if i’m the opponent.
  • Over shoulder shots before sparring, show it from their view.
  • Walking into ring, over shoulder shot. Close up of feet going into ring etc. Holding ropes.


  • Soundclips of action
  • Punching bags
  • Grunts etc
  • Anything noteworthy

Equipment List

HD Video Camera

Sony DSLR (2 lenses, inc Wide lens)

Canon DSLR

Canon Digital Camera (for filming me, making of)

3 Tripods

M-Audio set with lapel mic

Audio boom for HD Video Camera


White/Reflective cardboard, for light bounce. Pizza box?

Skateboard or something with wheels, for tracking/dolly shots.

Shooting Checklist

  • Set white balance on all cameras *set to conditions
  • 24fps, 1/50 shutter speed
  • 1280 x 720
  • Set aperture according to scene (shallow DOF for interviews)
  • ISO = 160? (Need to check with Padraic)
  • Memory cards wiped and formatted, Also label own cards
  • Charge everything before
  • Ensure miss are turned ON
  • Wear headphones for sound

Interview Questions & Project Brief

This is the brief I gave Rowan and the rest of the guys at the Gym. It’s a rough outline of the aim and theme of the video, with interview questions, which allows them time to think. I’ve left it very open, and can be very flexible if there’s anything they’d like to focus on.

ZKJ The Dojo Martial Arts Centre


To inspire young people to join the club through an indirect message. So you’ll not be saying ‘Join our club’, you’ll talk about the gym, your experiences and what makes it a great place. We’ll make it look really epic, so the youths will want to join.

Things to think about:

  • What’s your personal experience with The Dojo?
  • What makes a good martial artist/fighter?
  • What have you learnt (besides how to fight)?
  • How has The Dojo helped you?
  • What is your favourite part/aspect of being a member?
  • What makes The Dojo so unique?
  • Why do you train as hard as you do? Why do you fight? What’s your motivation?
  • Why is it so important to you?
  • What inspires you/inspired you? As a fighter, as a member etc
  • What makes The Dojo the best?

If there’s anything you want to add or focus on, that’s no problem. This is just an outline of my thoughts and ideas, and you would know a lot more than I do!