Office of Innovation

Improved Website Wireframe


This is my wireframe for the Office of Innovation webpage. I decided to focus the website on the one user, instead of two, so I took out the academic user. I think the ‘academic’ user is the ‘man behind the curtain’, and shouldn’t be seen. This enabled me to simplify the navigation of the website and make it much more user centred, meeting the user’s needs with relevant information.

I also think that the OI should have their own logo design and this should be the focus, rather than the University if Ulster. It was very confusing having that as the main logo. When I first visited the site, I assumed it was for students.  It wasn’t clear at all what the intentions of the site where.



Having two users is confusing, especially for a first time user of this site. There’s too much irrelevant information to navigate through.

Each user has their own section, but then there’s lots of links that are open to both users. So they basically go looking for information and are presented with information for a number of users. It’s not very specific.

Motivation Analysis

Who runs the website?

Business experts from the University of Ulster. It is 100% a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Ulster.

Who are they targeting? Who is the user? Who are they offering their services too?

The business community and investors in N.Ireland, for businesses of all sizes. They also provide information for the academics who help the businesses.

What do they want to say?

We can help you with your business.

What do they offer?

-Leading edge research and consultancy

– First rate testing facilities and technologies

– They translate their knowledge and technology (Intellectual Property) into marketable products and services in the most effective and timely manner possible.

– Sharing their vast knowledge, gained through world-class research activity and excellence in teaching.

– Assist in directing businesses to appropriate funding programmes that might be available.

How do they do this?

This is achieved primarily through the following mechanisms:

  • Spinouts / New Business Ventures
  • Technology Licences
  • Consultancy
  • Collaborative Development Projects, i.e. receive funding with Invest NI.
  • Working with Investors, e.g. Invest NI, Department for Employment & Learning, Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment.

Why do they offer this?

– They are committed to playing a full role in the economic and social development of Northern Ireland. The better the economy, the more money they make. This also applies to the sponsors.

– Profits and surpluses from commercial activity are brought back into the University for distribution to the academic community and associated faculties and schools.

What does the User want?

– Help with their business or investment, to make it better. Receive funding, advice, access to research and technology.

– Useful advice, contacts, downloads and links, for both users. Support and advice on knowledge and technology transfer for academics.

Why do the Office of Innovation want a website? What do they achieve by having one?

They want somewhere where all businesses or investors can go to learn about and access their services. Whether they just have an idea, are an existing business or have worked with the Office of Innovation before. They also want these businesses to have somewhere that they can network with eachother and the University. Therefore, all businesses and the University can benefit from the help, advice and support from the N.I business network and community.