Allingham: Poetry in Motion


I just wanted to test how my ‘test crow’ interacted with my 1st background. I’m keeping the backgrounds very simple, so I need to do a lot of work on the crow, as it’s very static and it’s head is always tilted to the left. So I need to add beating wings and be able to move the head. However, I am pleased with the background though i’m hoping when it’s uploaded to Vimeo it will be better quality.

Title Sequence and Cut Out Idea

I was playing about with how to open my animation and I came up with this. It’s pixelated at the moment, but it’s just a rough experimentation. I also changed the crow to a cut out. I think I might use this instead of the hand drawn bird as it will really stand out against the sketched background, plus I might try and rig the wings in After Effects if I can figure that out.