Prescription Drugs Research

From my research, I’ve came to the conclusion that prescription drugs are a huge problem as they don’t have the stigma attached to them like illegal highs (cocaine, ecstasy etc). They are spoken about freely, and exchanged freely to and from family members and friends. A lot of users don’t even realise they’re dependant on them or wouldn’t consider themselves an addict. They can be extremely addictive and can be very dangerous when used in the wrong context or with other medications.

These are different articles that i’ve read relating to prescription drugs and they’re misuse. I now have a better understanding of the dangers and the problems they can cause. This will help me come up with a concept for my design project.

Students & Prescription Drugs aka ‘SMART DRUGS’

These focus more on students, and using prescription drugs to enhance performance. However, prescription drug abuse isn’t only limited to performance altering drugs.


epidemic, cheap high, sedatives, respectable face of drug addiction, hidden, secretly popping pills, dependance, prescriptions, online, silent danger, smart drugs, legal stimulants, tranquillisers, irritability, paranoia, anxiety

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